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  As the new year approaches, businesses begin to formulate their plans and strategies for the new year. In marketing, we need to understand where our target audiences go to collect information and how the best process that information. Here are the top five things all experts are discussing for digital marketing 2020 trends.


  1. Content is King: All credible educational sources for marketers tell you the same thing. Content reigns supreme. Customers want stories, not sales pitches. We write this often because as marketers we subconsciously slip into a sale that is driven focus and use selling language unintentionally. As you plan for 2020, consider what story you want to tell your customers throughout the year. What common themes do you want to portray? Hold creative meetings with your marketing team to brainstorm ideas for ways to tell those stories in unique ways. People remember campaigns that tell creative, unique stories, not the ones that sell blandly to them.
  2. Video, Video, and Video some more: People retain 80% of what they watch within thirty days of viewing a video. This number is astronomically higher than what people remember from reading. Video marketing continues to skyrocket as it becomes the generally preferred method of content. You can’t argue with the statistics. Use video in creative ways to fit into the storyline of the content strategy.
  3. Don’t Forget About Blogging: Blog posts are essential for generating leads and maintaining a good web presence. They contribute to your search engine optimization. People often find your website through your blog posts. Interesting posts can capture their attention and are useful for directing their attention to the next steps on your website. Most readers skim through blogs and won’t read the whole thing but will stop to read when they find something that stands out to them.
  4. Podcasting Growth: Podcasting continues to grow as more and more people look for content about things, they are interested in. They are great to listen to during car rides while doing busy work, and even working out. HubSpot reports that seventeen percent of marketers are planning on adding a podcast to their content repertoire in the coming year.
  5. Data Drives Results: All these points rely on data. Use your analytics effectively to make decisions on what content to post, when to post, what platform to post on. No business is the same and using your specific data will help you get the most from your marketing.