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 Today’s businesses almost all rely on a workstation of some sort. Whether a POS machine or a laptop, companies need the proper workstations to succeed in their industry. The workstation varies from employee to employee, depending on their tasks. For instance, a videographer needs a more powerful machine than the secretary. Buying one type of workstation for the entire organization leaves employees with either excessive or insufficient processing power.

 Although more expensive than buying in bulk, buying individual workstations for your employees provides them with the hardware needed to succeed at their job. When purchasing a workstation to meet your employees’ needs, consider these questions.

  1. What tasks will the employee perform on the workstation?
    – Word processing, emailing, customer relationship management, internet browsing, and spreadsheet creation are typical tasks employees need to c-complete on their workstation.
    – Consider the specialized tasks the job requires. Photo editing, video editing, graphic design, schematics, database management, and other tasks require more specialized workstations.
  2. What programs will the workstation need to run?
    – Programs such as the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite or AutoCAD require significantly more processing power than Microsoft Office. After you establish the tasks, the employee needs to complete, determine the programs the machine needs to run.
  3. Does the employee need a portable device?
    – With working from home or on the road becoming the norm, purchasing a portable workstation allows for more flexibility for your employees. Business owners and sales reps especially need the flexibility of a mobile option for their travels.

Our Top Choices

  1. Marketing and Creative Design: MacBook Pro 16″ – If your employees work on creating graphics, producing videos, editing photos, or any other creative task, Apple provides the best workstation for them. The MacBook Pro focuses on performance speed. From rendering video to saving massive photoshop files, the MacBook Pro offers your marketers all the power they need.
  2. Business Owner or Sales Representative: Microsoft Surface Book 2 – The Surface Book 2 provides business owners and sales reps with the power of a laptop and the portability of a tablet. Perfect for those who need to travel but still require the processing power that an iPad or Surface Pro lack, the Surface Book clinches the best 2 in 1 title.
  3. Best Overall: Lenovo X1 ThinkPad Carbon (6 Gen) – Lenovo makes the best laptops, and the X1 continues on their legacy of near-perfect machines. Lacking in nothing, the Lenovo offers processing power, great graphics, and fantastic battery life.
  4. Business Administration: Acer Chromebook 714 – The Acer Chromebook handles the major applications needed for business administration purposes without breaking the bank. If your employees need minimal processing power, this device offers an option with a decent life expectancy and satisfactory performance statistics.

 Converse with your employees and inquire about which workstation they believe necessary for their job. They know more about their field than you and provide invaluable input into what they need to succeed at their job, which helps promote productivity and business growth.

 If you need assistance in selecting proper workstations for your business, Origami Technology Group is here to help. Feel free to reach out to us at info@origamitechnology.com or on our Facebook and LinkedIn messages! As always, like our Facebook page for more content each week.