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Digital Marketing boomed in the early 2010s and quickly dominated all other marketing. With the introduction of the smart phone, the rapid improvements in technology, people flocked to the internet and the digital world. Now digital marketing accounts for 42% of marketing budgets for companies. Experts expect that number to grow higher in 2020. Digital marketing offers companies the ability to gather more precise data and therefore, offer customizable content for their customers. This helps reduce costs and increase conversions. If used correctly, digital marketing allows you to present your product to the customer when they begin the customer journey instead of at random points throughout their day.

In order to succeed and grow, companies need to incorporate these three elements into their digital marketing.

  1. Social Media Strategy – Many companies understand the need for social media marketing, but they fail in the execution. Social media marketing success starts with strategy. Gather your marketing team and decision makers like owners or CEOs in a meeting and establish a strategy and plan for your social media marketing. Identify a target audience. Trying to advertise to everyone on social media is impossible. Instead, find the niche group of users you want to target and create content that they want. Once you establish your audience, define your persona. Organizations take on a personality online. For example, Wendy’s established a snarky, quick witted, personality with their Twitter account that consumers love. Create a clear voice that distinguishes itself from the other traffic. Establishing your audience and your personality forms the basis for how and what content you create. Make sure to determine the metrics you plan to use to measure success. Aimlessly posting on social media only wastes time and money. Developing your strategy allows you to post with purpose.
  2. Video Marketing – 80% of consumers will remember a video they viewed in the past 30 days. Focusing on video content is vital to your digital marketing success. Not all videos need professional videographer quality. Raw, unpolished video content succeeds because it seems less of a sales pitch and more personalized. You still need a decent quality camera and editing software but not all videos need to cost thousands of dollars. However, we do advise investing in a professionally done branding video. You want to associate your brand with excellent quality. Since this video usually goes on the homepage of your website, you want to impress potential customers who land on your homepage.
  3. Content not Sales – People hate being sold at but love stories. Research shows that the brain literally lights up at stories. Using your digital marketing platforms to tell stories about your products, services, customers, and things related to any of those categories will see an increase in your brand popularity and traffic. Let your sales team do the selling and your marketing team tell the stories that the consumers want to hear.

If your digital marketing needs to improve, contact Origami Technology Group. Our Digital Marketing and Content Specialist, Josh Okumura, will be more than happy to answer your questions and discuss how to improve your content so your business grows and thrives! Reach him at his email: jokumura@origamitg.com.