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Today’s work force is both mobile and collaborative with complex access requirements to individual, team, corporate, and partner data. They need to access and share this data both locally and remotely.  Origami Solutions will manage your modern workplace environment, providing flexibility to your workforce while accruing several business benefits.  We maximize end-user collaboration, reduce costs and increase efficiency.  Email , possibly the single most critical system in most businesses, is the primary platform for unified communications in most organizations.  It is critical that any organizations messaging & collaboration solution meets their specific needs for security, content control, and application integration

Services include.

  • Email and IM Operations – Activities related to monitoring and managing the existing messaging collaboration environment
  • Collaboration Services – Comprises enterprise-wide platforms, instant messaging implementation and support
  • VOIP – Lowers communication costs while improving productivity and response time
  • Platform Migration– Migration services including planning, designing, and migrating the existing exchange environment to the latest version
  • Hosted Messaging Solution– A solution where Origami Solutions owns the entire messaging stack, from hosting and hardware to operations and maintenance